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TechFreep is a leading online provider of daily tech and science news. Our articles offer comprehensive coverage on technology and how it impacts the reader’s life. We strive to produce stories that are relevant to everybody and anybody, while still accommodating a more selective tech audience.

About the Editor

Mike Zazaian is the Editor-in-Chief and Webmaster of TechFreep.com, an online publication dedicated to daily technology and science news. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he majored in Film and Video studies with a sub-concentration in screenwriting. While only a minority of Mike’s formal education encompassed the technology field, he has worked as a web developer, a freelance web designer, and has been a tech enthusiast for the better part of his life.

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There are a few features on TechFreep that we’ve included to help you navigate our site more easily. Here’s some info about them:

Star Rating System

We’ve provided a star rating system along with every post, allowing the reader to give his or her input back into the site. Not only do ratings on each article alert other readers as to what’s worth reading, it also tells our writers what sort of articles the readership would like to see. The more often you vote, the more we’ll be able to tailor the site’s content to the specific needs and wants of you, the reader.

Custom Archive Search

There are a couple of ways to navigate the archives on TechFreep. The Live Search option is good if you’re looking for specific content by keyword, and we’ve included monthly archive links for your use as well. But what if you want to find all of the stories for a specific day? TechFreep’s robust Wordpress engine allows you to search our database the way you want to with custom search links.

To create a custom search, simply type techfreep.com into your address bar, followed by the year, month and day in /YYYY/MM/DD/ format. For example, to search for all of the stories from August 28th, 2006, simply type “techfreep.com/2006/08/28″ and press enter, and TechFreep will show all of the content from that day. You can also use this technique to search by year and month (/YYYY/MM/), or just by the year (/YYYY/).