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by Mike Zazaian September 12, 2006 - 10:15am, 2 Comments

Another Widescreen iPod Mock-up

While Steve Jobs has kept his lips sealed about the new iGadgets to come out of today’s Apple Showtime Gala in San Francisco, the rest of the apple community has spilled their guts about possible new products.

Mockups of every kind depicting mobile devices, new desktops, phones and iPods have sprung up in anticipation of today’s event at the Yerba Buena Center, set to kickoff at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, or 5pm GMT. First it seemed the big news would be Steve Jobs’ new , something which, a few days after the release of a new 24-inch Core Duo iMac, would be a fitting brother for both the iMac’s big screen, and the It’s Showtime label for the show. Some rumors circulated briefly about a new iCube Mac and some other accessories, but ultimately the dust settled and no conclusions had been reached.

That is, until this photo was released yesterday:

The Stars

As you can see, beside the obvious 24″ iMac is a less obvious, smaller handheld device. While many pinpointed it as simply some sort of new iPod, we at TechFreep were keen enough to remember back to the full-screen Video iPod prototype that was hinted at several months ago to offset the release of Creative’s 30GB Zen Vision. The widescreen iPod Video notion is also supported by touch-screen video device patents that were filed in 2005 by Apple, which would be enough time to put such a product through a production cycle. We’ve got a whole story on the fabled widescreen video iPod here.

But even with all the factors listed in the article, it’s possible that we’ve missed the boat entirely, that the photo’s not real or it was planted by Jobs himself to throw us off the scent. Either way it seems the most promising, and most widely supported of the new hardware possibilities to come out of today’s show. Below are some of the less likely but still very cool products that have been circulating for the past few days. Notice that the second widescreen iPod below seems to have the same interface as its smaller, blurrier cousin in the photo above. We’re not saying anything’s for certain, but if all the stars align this could be a pretty important release party for Jobs, and an important step for Apple toward reinvigorating their iPod lineup, whose sales dropped to a record low 8.1 million last month.

For all the latest on the Apple Showtime event head back here at 10am Pacific and we’ll keep you updated each and every step along the way.

A Widescreen iPod Mock-up
Another Widescreen iPod Mock-up
A Possible Touchscreen iPhone, On and Off
Touchscreen iPhone in Phone Mode
Touchscreen iPhone in iPod Mode

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