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Apple Settles iTunes Lawsuit

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by Mike Zazaian September 3, 2006 - 12:16pm, 1 Comment

Just weeks after dishing out $100 million to Creative in a settlement regarding patent rights on its iPod interface, Apple is back in court with a man who claims that Apple stole the iTunes design from him.


David Contois, owner of Contois Music & Technology in Essex Junction, Vermont, filed a lawsuit in 2005 that accused Apple of stealing his software for iTunes, the most industry’s most popular digital music player and organizer. Whether these reports are valid remains to be seen, as Apple, after initially coming back at Contonis with a counterclaim seeking legal compensation, mysteriously settled under confidential terms with Contois, who is legally disallowed from sharing information about his settlement. Said Contois, “The terms are confidential. We can’t discuss them.”

Which makes one wonder about the validity of the case. Could it be that Apple, a company that brings in 45 percent of its companies from iPod sales and iTunes downloads, isn’t the originator of the popular software at all? Whether it’s true or not, it’s apparent that any stirring on the legal front could do the company enormous damage, both legally and in terms of reputation. Yesterday Creative, today a Vermont music teacher, tomorrow…?

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