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by Mike Zazaian September 12, 2006 - 4:39pm, 7 Comments

iTunes 7

Apple has launched a new movie download service for its industry-leading media jukebox, and with it a new look for iTunes.

Along with the slew of recently released video download service, Unbox. Unfortunately, downloaded movies are only playable on iPod products, so tough luck to anybody without one. Also, apple is only offering 70 titles for the time being from Pixar, Touchstone, and Miramax, all of which are owned by Steve Jobs’ latest acquisition, Walt Disney. The iTunes player itself has gotten some nice new features including gapless playback and a feature which automatically scans the music library and adds gapless playback to each song.

The Upcoming iTV Interface

The Upcoming iTV InterfaceJobs followed up on iTunes 7 with the announcement of iTV. Available some time of Q1 2007, iTV will be a wireless video streaming device that hooks up directly to, you guessed it, a TV. Users will be able to load their music, video and other media files directly to the iTV from the iTunes 7 interface through a wireless connection. The iTV, a working title for the device, will feature USB 2.0, Ethernet, 802.11, “wireless component video,” optical audio, HDMI ports, and traditional RCA ports. iTV marks an important move toward the digital media center in the living room concept, one which TiVo and similar products have already strived to make commonplace. For a full gamut of iTV pictures, check out our Live Showtime Coverage from this morning’s keynote.

All in all the Showtime event offered up some pretty nice updates to the Apple community. Maybe it was the It’s Showtime title that got everyone thinking the Keynote would completely knock our socks off. Even so, Jobs’ showing was very respectable and all of the ipod and iTunes updates moving Apple’s media products in the right direction. And while the movie downloads are limited to a paltry 70 Disney titles at present, future updates and friendly prices will make iTunes 7 an excellent movie resource, especially once the iTV hits shelves next year.

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