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by Mike Zazaian September 15, 2006 - 2:04pm, 2 Comments

A Possible Touchscreen iPhone, On and Off

Sources inside Apple suggest an iTunes-enabled cell phone is due out in January of 2007.

Steve Jobs’ It’s Showtime keynote event came and went without the mention of a new phone as some had anticipated. Many, including myself, thought that they may have released a full-screen iPod to rival Microsoft’s recently released Zune personal media player. And while Stevie J. made some waves in to digital entertainment with the upcoming iTV, the only updates to Apple’s gadget lineup were some welcomed overhauls to the iPods. The notion of the iPhone seemed all but lost.

Luckily, some reliable sources over at Think Secret dumped some dirt on Apple’s first entrance into the cell-phone market. While the same sources predicted an iPhone release in March of 2006, Apple allegedly encountered “significant technological hurdles” in its attempts to innovate with its new lineup, but since has scaled back ambitions a bit for what it hopes will be a two or three phone lineup for 2007.

Apple’s new phones will be more along the lines of LG’s Chocolate offering, a full-fledged personal media device as well as a phone. While specifics on the various models aren’t certain, features include a 3-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display, and complete iTunes/iPod features and integration. Unlike Motorola’s iTunes phones which limit users to downloaded songs, the Apple phones will allow users to pack as many songs as the phone’s memory will bare.

While release plans aren’t final yet, Apple will allegedly unveil the devices at Macworld Expo in January of 2007. If that’s too long to wait for you, you can sink your teeth into these wildly inaccurate, albiet cool mock-ups of such iPhones that have been floating around for a while:

Touchscreen iPhone in Phone Mode
Touchscreen iPhone in iPod Mode

[via Think Secret]