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by Mike Zazaian September 13, 2006 - 4:08pm, 2 Comments

Eight Core Mac Pro a Reality with Clovertown

For quad-core Mac Pro owners the impossible dream of an eight-core rig is only two Clovertowns away.

While Apple doesn’t plan to release its eight-core Mac Pros until early next year, quad-core Mac Pro owners are an easy upgrade away from twice the computing bandwidth. The geniuses over at AnandTech figured that as the Mac Pro has two LGA-771 sockets, you could theoretically replace the existing Intel Core 2 processors with two four-core Intel Clovertown processors. As you might have expected they dropped a couple of 2.4Ghz Clovertowns into the system, and lo and behold the 8-core Mac Pro was born.

AnandTech also ran a number of stability tests on the system and didn’t encounter any issues. Indeed, it seems as though the modern Mac Pro is equipped, perhaps unbeknownst to Apple, with the proper hardware to run the as-of-yet released quad-core Clovertown processors. In addition to stability tests did some more interest-whetting speed tests on the system, but due to legal restraints they’re not able to publish the results at this time.

All eight cores fully functional

Being the testbed of computer technology they are, AnandTech just happened to have some Clovertowns lying around, but for the normal consumer Intel’s upcoming quad-core processors won’t be available until later this year. Still, if you’re not intimidated by prying open your beloved quad-core Mac Pro, or if know somebody who isn’t, you could save a lot of money by keeping Stevie J. out of the equation when you choose to go eight-core.

[via AnandTech]