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by Mike Zazaian October 14, 2006 - 5:41pm, 1 Comment

Firefox 3 Open For Suggestions

As Mozilla prepares to release its well-appointed Firefox 2, the producer of the world’s second most popular browser is already taking open suggestions for Firefox 3.

Organized in a wiki format, the newly-opened Firefox 3 wish list allows users to propose features for the new browser by creating a unique page for each suggestion. Users can either establish their own feature suggestion, or add on to previous suggestion by commenting on existing Wikis.

In order to avoid complete organizational pandemonium Mozilla has structured the Wiki into seven categories. The primary categories, namely Browser Chrome, Compatibility, Global Community, Developer-facing Elements, Mobile and Enterprise Support, User Support and Testing, and Other, are divided into further subcategories under which suggestions can be posted. The ‘Browser Chrome’ category in particular should be of interest to non-developer users, encompassing all interface and core usability features.

As it stands Firefox 3 will be updated with the new Gecko 1.9 engine, which updates core functionalities such as graphics rendering, javascript handling and layout. Nightly alpha builds of Firefox 3 are already available for more adventurous Firefox users, with a final build of the browser due out some time in Q1 2007.

[via ars technica]