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by Mike Zazaian September 11, 2006 - 12:31pm, 2 Comments

Fosters: Australian for Graphics Research

An Australian graphics research firm will use beer to perfect fluid movement algorithms for computer graphics in the gaming and movie industries.

Australian research firm CSIRO plans to use computers to analyze beer over the next four years in an effort to better capture the movement of fluids in video games and CG-aided movies. According to top CSIRO researcher Mahesh Prakash, the most difficult aspects of fluid movement to study are motion, foam, bubbles and splashes, all of which beer is perfectly suited for producing. Said Prakash:

One of our test cases is to look at the flow of beer. As beer flows into a mug, it creates quite a few bubbles and then forms a foam on top, which poses a very difficult challenge from a physics point of view.

Prakash stresses that scale is the key to this experiment. As such CSIRO will use Computational Fluid Dynamics to produce an algorithm which should allow programmers to include each individual particle of a fluid in a given computer graphics application. By the end of the year Prakash plans to study not only movement of the liquids, but the interaction of various fluids pouring into other flids. A success outcome would lead to unprecedented physical realism regarding fluids in video games.

Also on board for the project are companies Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute. Shockingly, the project is yet to draw a sponsor, prompting the question, Is ‘Fosters’ Australian for missed marketing opportunities?

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