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by Mike Zazaian October 24, 2006 - 10:37am, 2 Comments

Google Launches Co-op Custom Search Engine

A new search engine from Google allows users to customize the content, look and feel of a personalized search.

Launched just this morning, the new Google Co-op search engine allows users to build a custom search engine with tailored features and results. Users can enter the specific sites that they want the co-op search engine to search, and then search only those sites or simply give priorities to those sites when a search is conducted. Said Marissa Mayer, Google Vice President of Search Products and User Experience:

We want to make it easy for anyone to create a search engine about all of their favorite topics, without needing a Ph.D.

The set-up process for Google Co-op is done with a simple wizard - no complicated coding or programming are necessary. Users simply enter the desired name for their search engine, keywords, and description. There’s also an option for those who want to allow others to collaborate with and contribute to the search engine content.

All in all Google has made it’s Co-op feature enormously useful and easy to use, as is most Google software. Individuals and businesses alike will find great use of Google Co-op, and it should become a [web-savvy] household name before long. Added Mayer, Everyone – businesses, organizations, moms, dads, teenagers, and teachers – can harness the power of Google technology to create a personalized search experience that reflects specific knowledge and interests.

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