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by Mike Zazaian September 13, 2006 - 5:08pm, 8 Comments

In Soviet Russia Car Parks You

No, this article doesn’t have anything to do with Yakov Smirnoff or Russia, but the new self-parking Volkswagen Touran should be enough to make up for our empty promises.

Volkwagen has just released a car designed specifically for those with an intense fear of parallel parking. The new VW Touran, a compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle, will be available with an automatc parking technology called ParkAssist.

While it doesn’t offer a one-click parking experience, ParkAssist is pretty darn near full automation. Using front and rear ultrasonic sensors, the ParkAssist asseses how much space is available at either end of the car, then calculates the optimal trajectory for entering a parking space. Visual parking displays direct the driver toward the best starting position, at which point the driver shifts into Reverse and ParkAssist parks the vehicle inside of 15 seconds. All the driver has to do is accelerate and brake, and ParkAssist does all the necessary maneuvering to get into a tight spot.

ParkAssist will be available on a limited number of Volkswagen models beginning in June 2007

[via gizmag]