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by Mike Zazaian November 2, 2006 - 12:15pm, 7 Comments

Internet Hits 100 Million Websites

According to Netcraft, an internet tracking company that has been counting the world’s websites since 1995, the ‘Net crossed the 100 million website mark last month.

With the advent of blogging, social networking and a host of other technologies that make it easy for even net numskulls to create a website, the largest growth in the web has occurred over the past two years. Netcraft, a company based in Bath, England, began counting sites when there were only 18,000 in existence. It took nine years from that point for the internet to develop into a network of over 50 million websites in 2004. More amazingly it took only two years, ending late last month, to double that number. Said Netcraft employee Rich Miller:

There are now 100 million Web sites with domain names and content on them. Within that, there are some that are busy and updated more often, and that represents the active sites, which are at about 47 or 48 million.

Netcraft uses the ICANN domain name system to determine how many websites are in operation, and also track such information as the original location and type of operating system that the host server is running. The company says that the United States, Germany, China, South Korea and Japan are responsible for the biggest bulk of the online boom.

So where did it all start?

The first website on the internet was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. Berners-Lee wanted a way to share data on particle smashing with other scientists, even if they weren’t located at the CERN research facility in Switzerland, where he worked.

When the Web was started, it was started as a mechanism for sharing high energy particle physics data, said Rebecca Grinter, Professor of Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.

If that’s what the internet was when it began, what is it now? It’s everything and nothing. It’s the single unifying entity that has facilitated communication to the extent that a global culture has undergone complete Google enlightenment. It’s a way to check useless news on a ridiculous website called TechFreep.com.

In truth, these are all feeble attempts. The internet is so complex and all-encompassing that it can only be described in simple terms. In short — it’s the ‘Net.

Via CNN.com