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by Mike Zazaian November 2, 2006 - 4:39pm, 2 Comments

Kazaa Pays $10 Million to Music Publishers

After being stung with a slew of copyright lawsuits in 2001, Kazaa is settling the last of its debts with a substantial payment to the National Music Publishers’ Association.

While neither party was willing to disclose the exact amount of the settlement, a representative for the music publishers referred to the settlement as a substantial sum. In addition, the New York Times has reported that a party familiar with the matters said that the substantial sum was close to US$10 million.

In addition to payment Kazaa agreed in the settlement to continue use of filters that prevent the sharing of copyrighted media content on its network.

A number of lawsuits were launched against Kazaa in 2001, alleging that the Australian-based company assisted in the illegal sharing of millions of copyrighted works. Kazaa settled with a number of companies from both the music and film industries in July, paying out a collective sum of over US$115 million.

Despite the lawsuits Kazaa continues normal operation, assumably under more legitimate terms now. Spokesmen for Kazaa declined to comment on the matter.

cnet, via The New York Times