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by Mike Zazaian October 19, 2006 - 11:25am, 7 Comments

Laser TVs No Threat to Plasma

Just as we thought the flat-screen TV savior had come to save us from overpriced plasmas, it seems the whole Laser TV ordeal was just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

After the Sydney morning herald wrote an article on the be-all-end-all that would be Arasor’s ‘plasma-killing’ Laser TVs, they did a bit of investigating. As it turns out Fujitsu, Pioneer, Samsung and Philips have all said they no plans to put Laser TVs into production any time in the near future. It is confirmed that Laser TV is among those technologies being considered for a place among the next-gen titans, but as of now most companies have too much invested in LCDs and Plasma to even look elsewhere.

Arasor has even suggested, by CES [Consumer Electronics Show] next year in January, there’ll be eight different manufacturers, including the major ones, with laser TVs on display. But as all these manufacturers have shot down Arasor’s statements, it’s unlikely that their claims of half the price, twice the clarity, et cetera, et cetera will prove true as well. For all those Mike TVs of the world who were sure they’d have a 90″ laser TV under the Christmas tree by 2007, here are some words from a Samsung spokesman that pretty much say it all, quite some time away from possible commercial production. Eh tu, Arasor?

[via Sydney Morning Herald]