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by Mike Zazaian September 11, 2006 - 8:08pm, 7 Comments

Microsoft Goes Live with

Microsoft is shaking off its cobwebs by ditching the dialup-era search homepage for the hipper, bloggier, googlier moniker. has been a traffic juggernaut in the new millenium, ranking in the top five in’s most visited websites on the internet for at least the last six years. Microsoft has been able to build up such a steady, if not unaware, user base by setting the popular search engine as the default homepage on each of the several hundred million copies of Windows XP that it’s distributed since the operating system’s release in 2002. With the new Web 2.0 era upon us, despite the fact that nobody really knows what it means, Microsoft is getting a new look as it phases out MSN for a trimmer, pseudo-google-ripoff interface.

Windows LiveThe move comes at the urging of new Microsoft higher-up Ray Ozzie, who feels that will appeal to a new generation of bloggers, RSS users, you tubers (or soapboxers), and anyone who wants a more customizable homepage experience. It certainly seems to me that any attempt to copy Google should be filed as just that, a copy, and certainly doesn’t have the same minimalistic power that Google has, nor will it ever. Let’s face it, based on how bloated Vista RC1 has become, it’s become apparent to the world that Microsoft just isn’t good at the whole minimalism thing.

Still, it’s a good move for Microsoft to get away from it’s dial-up roots. The new foreward-thinking approach that Gates and the gang are taking will definately give their products better longevity, despite any “influences” that might be glaringly obvious.

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