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by Mike Zazaian October 10, 2006 - 11:51am, 1 Comment

Microsoft Turns the Cold Shoulder on Vista RC2

After publishing the second release candidate of Windows Vista last Friday, Microsoft has torn down every last reference to the build from the Windows Vista website.

Visitors of the Microsoft website this morning were surprised to find that the recently-released Vista RC2 is nowhere to be found. All direct links for downloading the build have been taken down from Vista’s main page, and older links to a direct download of Vista RC2 simply route users directly to the Windows Vista homepage. For whatever reason, it’s as if Microsoft is trying to pretend that Vista RC2 doesn’t exists, nor ever has.

But even stranger than the sudden disappearance of Vista is that Microsoft has made no comment on the matter. I attempted to contact Microsoft through their rapid response team this morning, both by phone and by e-mail, and have yet to get a response. Usually Microsoft will respond with a Microsoft has no comment on the matter at this time, but I’ve yet to get anything back. Whatever the reason, Windows Release Candidate 2 seems to gone for now, without warning, without reason. While the whole situation is likely less sinister than it seems, there must be something bizarre going on in the Microsoft camp for them to tear down a release unannounced.

Check back here later for further developments on RC2’s disappearing act.

[Windows Vista Homepage]