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by Mike Zazaian October 17, 2006 - 2:34pm, No Comments

Mozilla Releases Firefox 2 RC3

The Mozilla foundation has quietly published the third release candidate for its upcoming Firefox 2 browser, now available for download on all platforms.

Mozilla, whichposted nightly builds of the near-complete browser just a few nights ago, hasn’t been keen blab about browser updates along the way. While the speed and stability have definitely come a long way from the Firefox 2 Beta 2 days, it’s difficult to discern exactly what’s been done from build-to-build over the past two release candidate cycles. With most changes being made under the hood, Mozilla is likely capping production of the browser off security, stability and speed enhancement as the production cycle nears an inevitable release within the next few weeks.

As Firefox 2 isn’t yet officially supported by Mozilla, a number of extensions and themes have yet to be converted over for use from the 1.5.x.x generation. And while a few extension developers have released 2.0-compatible versions of their software, users who rely heavily on extensions should wait until 2.0 becomes the standard to make the upgrade. Granted, the new features in Firefox 2 certainly enhance the browsing experience, but those whom rely heavily on extensions should wait until Firefox 2.0 becomes standardized within the next few weeks.

But even with the release of Firefox 2 on the horizon, Mozilla is already jumping into the development of Firefox 3. In an unprecedented move, Mozilla has opened up an editable suggestions wiki through which Firefox users can make suggestions for features in all aspects of the browser. Users have already poured in a throng of suggestions that should make for some meatier upgrades when Firefox 3 rolls around in the first half of 2007.