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by Ben Piper September 26, 2006 - 1:30pm, 8 Comments

Nokia n95 spotted in the wild

The feature-packed Nokia N95 phone will be released in early 2007, and is sure to leave even the likes of James Bond green with envy.

The Finnish folk at Nokia have unveiled their newest and most technologically advanced cellular phone yet. The N95 is filled with fun nuances such as a two-way slider mechanism, five megapixel camera, integrated GPS receiver and support for HSDPA-enabled 3G networks.

The N95 model bears a slight resemblance to Nokia’s N80 slider phone, but unlike the latter, it is equipped with music playback keys as well as a standard keypad. Also, due to Nokia’s collaboration with ATI, the phone’s 2.6in 240 x 320, 16m-colour display is backed by a powerful 3D graphics chip. A Carl Zeiss lens allows movies to be shot in DVD-like quality using the five megapixel camera. As if that weren’t enough, the phone has built-in stereo speakers and a standard 3.5mm earphone-jack socket.

Anssi Vanjoki, the head of Nokia’s multimedia division, spoke about the phone as the Leatherman of cellular phones:

This single device - which fits easily in your pocket - can replace standalone devices that you no longer need, whether it’s your music player, your digital camera, PDA or navigation device.

Unfortunately, the GPS receiver ships solo, and the navigation software needed is apparently an additional feature purchase. Considering the phone’s asking price of just over $700, buyers may be hesitant to upgrade until the price is right.