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by Mike Zazaian October 12, 2006 - 10:33am, 1 Comment

Persuasive Mirror Is Brutally Honest About Your Physical Appearance

Accenture Technologies is developing an intelligent mirror that uses video cameras to assess your physical appearance, then give you hard-to-swallow advice about improving personal hygiene.

Dubbed ‘The Persuasive Mirror,’ the device uses two cameras and an internal video screen to scan the user from head to toe, prior to doling out some brutally honest advice. After scanning, the mirror displays a composite image of the user which then demonstrates how the user would look and feel if they made a number of personal diet and lifestyle changes. Said Martin Illsley, research director with Accenture Technology:

Sometimes there’s a need for some sort of a coach in the home situation - a life coach.

Accenture technology is going full steam ahead with an array of products geared toward Intelligent Home Services, even aside from their magic mirror. Most of their technologies hinge around the use of sensors to assess abnormalities in human behavior. By producing algorithms for what is considered normal, then judging behavior off of that model Accenture’s big-brother-esque technologies could detect if a person is doing something ‘wrong’ or abnormal in virtually any situation. Accenture is looking into ways to implement the surveillance devices in locations ranging from parking lots, where prowlers could be detected, to the workplace, where a manager would be immediately informed if an employee is lying down on the job.

While the Persuasive mirror could definitely be useful to some, the lack of a mechanism that detects self-esteem could guarantee that at least a few users end up in tears on the floor of their bathrooms. Sorry I couldn’t come into work today Mr. Cox, my mirror told me to start jogging so I lost it and had a nervous breakdown. Accenture might consider the emotional trauma lawsuits they could potentially face if the mirror is too honest. Then again, maybe the product isn’t for bashful consumers to begin with.

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