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by Mike Zazaian September 14, 2006 - 11:32am, No Comments

President Bush is thrown off a Segway

The producers of the world’s most unnecessary transportation device have recalled every Scooter on the market due to a software glitch that throws riders to the ground.

Due to a recently discovered software glitch, scooter producer Segway has recalled every scooter it’s sold since its launch in March of 2002. The glitch involves the scooter suddenly reversing torque without reason, meaning the scooter goes in the opposite direction that the rider commands it to, often throwing the rider to the ground. According to Segway there have been six reports of head and wrist injuries resulting from instances in which the Segway unexpectedly reversed direction.

Luckily the glitch only applies to software on the scooter and not any physical moving parts. Segway owners can rectify the problem taking the unit to one of 100 Segway dealerships around the world for a simple software update. Segway owners should then be able to wheel happily along without worry of being slung to the ground at top speeds of 12.5 MPH (about 20 KPH). The recall applies to the i167, i170, i180, p133, XT, GT and i2 models, which is every model the Segway lineup.

Segway recalled 6,000 scooters in 2003, rectifying a problem in which riders would be thrown off the scooter when its battery ran out.

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