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by Mike Zazaian September 21, 2006 - 10:36am, No Comments

A Critical Temperature Switch

Researchers at the Telecommunications Institute of Korea have developed a switch that promises to end Sony’s exploding battery blues.

Called a Critical Temperature Switch, the new device would prevent lithium-ion batteries from expanding or exploding as a result of overheating. Researchers used a Mott Metal-Insulator Transistor or MIT, to achieve this effect.

The Telecommunications Institute of Korea, or ECRI, plans to eventually cram 5,000 explosion-proof systems into a film just 2 inches in diameter, a feat that would make the technology easy to implement in commercial applications such as laptops and cell phones. ECRI is currently pursuing a partnership with any of the electronics companies that might benefit from their Critical Temperature Switches.

Such sensors could have been of great use to Sony, had they anticipated the brash of exploding batteries that’s put the company’s image of high-quality standards on the chopping block. After recalling nearly 6 million of their batteries from Dell and Apple laptops, and an additional 340,000 from Toshiba notebooks, Sony should be knocking down the door of ECRI and throwing money at them in any possible attempt to muster some dignity from their exploding battery debacle.

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