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by Ben Piper September 15, 2006 - 2:25pm, 8 Comments

Sonos ZP80 and ZP100

A new streaming music feature could mean the end of burning, downloading, and purchasing music forever.

Sonos announced yesterday that their newest home music systems will support streaming music from Rhapsody, which allows users to access more than 2 million songs and 100 commercial-free radio stations. This step could prove extremely profitable for Sonos, as the company has been winning popularity with its quality sound, net connectivity, and wire-free usage. The one downside to the new system is that it is expensive – the most modestly priced device will run you $1,000 and the numbers elevate from there.

The benefits however, are difficult to overlook. This completely wireless home music service costs $9.99 a month. Users may access music of their choice, and the sleek handheld controller is programmable to set up an instant music library, access built-in music charts, and discover new music with Rhapsody’s Artist Radio. This feature creates a radio station with music from your favorite artist – as well as similar artists – to play anywhere in the house.

Back view of the Sonos ZP100

With multiple Sonos stations positioned in the house, it is possible to control any number of rooms using one wireless controller. Although other companies currently offer similar services with a much smaller price tag, the convenience, quality, and Rhapsodical music selection are sure to keep Sonos a step ahead of the pack.

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