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by Mike Zazaian September 12, 2006 - 1:15pm, 2 Comments

It's Showtime

While we couldn’t get to the show ourselves, TechFreep will continue to post live updates of what we think is important from Engadget’s coverage of the Steve Jobs Keynote at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

You can also check out the other myriad articles at TechFreep regarding the Showtime event:

Continue to check back to this story for updates on Steve Jobs’ speech, and the products that we’ll hear about.


10:01am Pacific

It's Showtime

10:05am Pacific - Let’s start today with the ipod. It plays music, tv shows, videos. we’re going to enhance it a lot. we’re going to start with the screen. It’s 60 percent brighter. we;re increasing the battery life from 4 hours to 6.5 hours on the big model. We’re improving the earphnes too, they’ll come standard.

10:08am Pacific - Instant Searching: lets you search more like Spotlight. Faster scrolling, shows the alphabetical section (L) as an overlay on the screen. We’re also adding something new today, which is: Games. These are much more robust and funner games. They’re all designed for the wheel.

Instant Searching

10:09am Pacific - Game clips: Zuma, Texas Holden, Mini Golf, Cubis 2, PacMan, Tetris!, More Tetris! Mah-jong. … You can buy them today off the iTunes store, and they’re going to sell for 4.99 each.

iPod Games

10:10am Pacific - Video battery life: 75 percent longer
The most important feature today is we’re going to make it more accessible: We’re lowering the price to $249.

Longer Battery Life

10:11am Pacific- 30GB 7,500 songs 40 hrs video $249 80GB 20,000 songs 100 hrs video $349 Now, lets’ take a look at the iPod nano. It is the most popular mp3 player in the world. So today, we’re going to introduce an all new nano. It’s made out of aluminum, and it’s even thinner than the previous iPod Nano. Maybe the most obvious feature is we’re bringing back colors: Blue Pink Green Silver and Black. Battery life: 24 hours.

New iPod Pricing

iTunes 7

10:27am Pacific - You can update your iPod from right inside iTunes now, you don’t need to go to Preferences. You can say, “I want to sync the 10 most recent unwatched episides of all my TV shows. If I buy a new episode that’s more recent, it’ll update the iPod and swap out the other one. It’ll automatically keep your iPod up to date. It’s also easier to move your iTunes from one computer to another. Let’s say you have one comuter at home and at work, both authorized with the same account. You can transfer purchased content between authorized computers - it’ll upload from your ipod to your work itunes. What I’d like to do now is give you a demo of iTunes 7.

iTunes 7 Released

10:36am Pacific - It’s available today, and it’s a free download at iTunes.com. So, in one fell swoop we’ve gone from this, to this, but there is one more thing…And that is Movies. Today we’re going to talk about adding movies to the iTunes store.

iTunes 7 Interface

iTunes Movie Downloads

10:38am Pacific - Today we’re starting out with films from Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, and Miramax - four studios owned by Disney. Today we’re making over 70 films agvailable online today … inclujding Pirates of the Caribbean. They’ll be available the same day they’re out on DVD.

75+ Movies
$12.99 Pre-Order Movies
Movies will be available at 640x480 Resolution, Near DVD Quality
Movie Downloads will take 30 minutes at 5Mbps

The Brand New iTV

10:53am Pacific - We’ve now got … all sorts of great digital content on the itunes store. And you can take that content and download it to your computer. It can be a Mac or a PC — I’m going to use a mac because i’m biased - and you can sync it to your ipod. But what about that big flat-panel TV you bought last weekend? Well, you need a box to drive that screen…

But how is this box gonna talk to the computer? Do I want to string cables through the house? I’m gonna talk to it through a wireless network. That’s gonna get my content from the computer to the box on the TV. Now let’s talk about that missing piece.

The New iTV
The New iTV
The New iTV
The New iTV
The New iTV
The New iTV

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