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by Mike Zazaian October 23, 2006 - 8:27pm, 4 Comments

The fingers of TechFreep Editor Mike Zazaian as he fervently attempts to get the server back online

After being flooded with traffic from social news-tagging site Digg, tech periodical TechFreep.com went down for a substantial period of time on Monday.

For all those wondering why TechFreep was unavailable for several hours today, you need look no further than this posting on Digg.com for a full explanation. Some time around 7am a viewer posted a TechFreep article about speculation over an upcoming iPhone and full-screen iPod release later this year. By 7pm the site was getting over 4,000 unique visitors per hour and neither the server admins nor myself ever saw it coming.

By the time we figured out the source of the traffic it was too late. We couldn’t put up the original server because it was being inundated with Digg traffic. After several hours of switching the site over to a bigger beefier server, TechFreep will now be all but bulletproof from such traffic influxes in the future. Thanks to all those who continuously checked back during the day and wrote e-mails regarding the matter, but TechFreep shouldn’t go down again anytime soon.