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by Mike Zazaian November 27, 2006 - 4:30pm, 6 Comments

A view of Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills

Yes, it’s much longer than I said it was going to be, but TechFreep is finally back after some time. I apologize to everyone who kept checking back for new articles, but the move to L.A. was much more strenuous than I had initially anticipated.

Originally I had thought that we’d get here, spend a day moving everything into the apartment, and that I’d be able to resume writing as normal. Two weeks, ten Ikea trips, and eighteen box-moving-related bruises later I’ve realized that I was very, very wrong. Our apartment didn’t have a damn thing in it, not even a refrigerator, and it’s taken several long days to turn a completely empty space into an actual living space amidst exploring L.A. anew. We still don’t have TV or internet, but after finally going grocery shopping the other day my roommates and I had our first meal in the place. We’re finally in, and I’m clear to start writing on TechFreep again.

That said, TechFreep will not be the same as it used to be. In the past I’ve devoted upwards of a dozen hours per day to writing, as I was between school and moving and had the time to do so. As I pursue full-time employment my writing schedule won’t be as immaculate, and the number of articles could be limited to two or three daily. After I’m more established and comfortable here I hope to re-establish TechFreep as a full-time venture, perhaps with some more writers. But barring contact with a full-fledged benefactor, that likely won’t occur for some time.

In the mean time keep checking back for the same ol’ Tech-Freepy goodness, and I’ll do my best to keep the articles coming.