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by Mike Zazaian October 3, 2006 - 11:45am, No Comments

Vista RC2 Coming Soon, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that a second release candidate of Windows Vista will make its rounds before a final version of the code is locked down in November.

According to Microsoft the second release candidate of Vista, dubbed build 5743, will be available for download sometime around this Friday. Unfortunately for consumers the second release candidate won’t be released to the public as was RC1. Instead, as with previous interim builds, RC2 will be released to beta testers, SDN and TechNet subscribers, and a random, limited selection of Consumer Preview Program (CPP) members.

And while the wisdom of Shakespeare tells us that A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, the matter of naming Build 5743 is still being given some consideration. Despite the fact that RC2 is being widely used to discuss the build, Microsoft hasn’t offically set upon RC2 as its final title. According to a Microsoft spokesperson:

As we have previously discussed, Microsoft does plan to deliver one more interim build of Windows Vista before releasing the final product. The exact name of the build, and the date of its release, have not been announced.

Regardless of what it’s called, Build 5743 will definitely be the last build before Vista hits its RTM, or Release to Manufacturing phase. RTM marks the point at which Microsoft will stop making releases to the public, and will continue to work on the build internally until the final Vista product is set upon. After announcing October 25th as a set RTM date, Microsoft is now saying RTM will begin some time between then and the 8th of November. And while this date doesn’t effect consumers in any way, each day prior to the establishment of RTM likely means an additional language that Vista won’t support in its initial release. Even so, Microsoft has said that it will take as long as it needs to ensure a quality final build for Vista.

As far as the stability of the release, documentation released by Microsoft states that there are currently 1,400 bugs in Vista. Programmers will have to reduce that number to 500 before the OS is approved within the company to be moved forward into the RTM phase. Luckily the Vista team has proven efficient at dealing with bugs, achieving the current number of 1,400 down from a hefty 2,479 on September 22.

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