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by Mike Zazaian October 10, 2006 - 11:23am, 5 Comments

Wii enthusiasts at a Nintendo World Wii demo event

According to reports made from a hands-on demo, the Wii’s optical sensor is completely unusable if exposed to normal sunlight.

As reported on a post from Nintendo’s Nsider Forums, games that utilize the Nintendo Wii’s optical sensor became unplayable when sunlight shone it through a window. From the post by OMBRENOIR17:

For about an hour or so, the sun shone right into the store, the two MP3:C kiosks had to have curtains above them, and the Wii Sports Tennis and Shooting Game kiosks were unplayable since they were “shrouded” in sunlight. Later the sun went behind a building, and everything was in working order again. So when you get your Wii, don’t play it in the sunlight. Or keep the sensor bar and TV away from the windows.

The report comes after allegations that the sensor also behaves erratically in the presence of halogen lights. While operation of the Wii in a room lit by halogens doesn’t completely shut down the optical sensor functions, the sensor is said to work only intermittently in such an environment.

This is really the first bad news for Nintendo since the Gamecube era. The Wii has been all but untouchable of late, with plans to both underprice and outship the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this holiday season. And while the news of touchy sensors won’t be disasterous for Nintendo’s sales it could turn a few heads toward competitors’ camps.

Nintendo is yet to release a statement on whether the issue will, or can be fixed.

[via Nintendo Nsider Forums]