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by Mike Zazaian October 26, 2006 - 2:50pm, No Comments

Windows-Crashing Bug Delays Vista Release

After Microsoft announced that PC manufacturers would receive copies of Vista on October 25th, a critical bug in the operating system has delayed the RTM period by at least two weeks

According to Ethan Allen, a quality assurance lead at a Seattle tech company that tests its products on Vista, the bug was discovered on October 13th by the Windows Vista team. Allen said that the bug was found in Vista build 5824, and would totally crash the system, requiring a complete reinstall. It took the Vista team a full week to isolate and repair the bug in time for Vista build 5840, delaying what has been an otherwise timely operation of late.

Aside from bringing Microsoft’s newest operating system to its knees, the bug has also thrown a wrench in the works of Microsoft’s release party. While Vista was initially supposed to enter the RTM phase (release-to-manufacturer) yesterday, the bug has caused the team to set that date back to November 8th. In addition Microsoft’s plans to release Vista to non-manufacturer businesses next month may also be spoiled. Allen suggested that due the bug delays Microsoft’s upcoming OS will barely make the end of November deadline [for businesses].

Although Allen seems quite sure about the November 8th RTM date, Microsoft remains tight-lipped on the matter. Said a Microsoft spokeswoman:

We aren’t discussing a specific date in public for RTM, though we are in the final stages of development and we are on track for Vista’s availability to businesses in November and general availability in January.

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