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by Mike Zazaian October 6, 2006 - 5:01pm, No Comments

Windows Vista RC2 Available for Download

Microsoft announced the second release candidate of Windows Vista today, marking the final available build of the upcoming OS prior to its launch early in 2007.

As was reported earlier in the week, RC2 won’t have the same broad availability that users enjoyed with RC1. Instead, Microsoft has opened downloads of RC2 to the usual beta testers, SDN and TechNet subscribers, and a limited number of Consumer Preview Program (CPP) members.

Jim Allchin, President of Microsoft’s Platforms and Services Division, had this to say about the availability and general state of affairs for RC2:

People asked for it, and here it is, Windows Vista RC2! We wanted you to be the first to get these bits; next week they’ll be available to a broader set of customers via MSDN and TechNet.

All your great feedback has helped us focus on nothing but bug fixes over the past month since RC 1 - each and every day. There are thousands of quality improvements since Windows Vista RC1. You’ll probably notice improvements in performance, application compatibility, as well as fit and finish work. We will continue improving quality until RTM. If you are an ISV, please use this build (certainly at least RC1 or later) to get certified. Visit for more information on logo certification.

You are integral to this creation and refinement process. We are just around the corner from RTM and shipping this great product to the world. This will be the last build made available prior to RTM, so please keep the feedback coming so we can hit the finish line.

Microsoft is hurrying to eliminate a number of bugs in Vista prior to entering the Release-to-Manufacturing (RTM) phase. The RTM phase represents the final state of the operating system set for release, essentially the point of no return for Microsoft’s programmers. As of three days ago Vista had 1,400 bugs, down from 2,400 on September 22nd. Vista programmers will continue to eliminate the bugs as the RTM date nears, and must widdle that number down to 500 bugs before the OS is internally approved to move forward into the RTM phase. While initially Microsoft had announced the RTM date as October 25th, the company is now saying it could be pushed back as late as November 8th. But then again, what’s a couple weeks for an OS that was supposed to be ready in 2004?

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