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by Mike Zazaian September 27, 2006 - 12:52pm, 1 Comment

A charcoal-gray Xbox 360

While a previous alleged sighting of a black Xbox 360 may have been bunk, some info from inside Microsoft suggests a black version of the console may be available for the holidays.

According to an alleged docket of X06 announcements from within Microsoft, a black version of the Xbox 360 may be released similtaneously with the promised 1080p software update sometime in late November. And while Microsoft has yet to confirm these rumors, it has yet to disconfirm them either. According to a statement from Microsoft’s PR department:

This is pure speculation and not based on any confirmed announcements from Microsoft.

Wording in the above comment seems to tiptoe carefully around denying the release of a black version of the console.

Black Xbox 360 rumors were initially started when some Best Buy ads, both online and in a magazine, that depicted a black Xbox 360. There has been no confirmation on the legitimacy of either image thus far. It also seems that any alleged sightings of black Xbox 360s in the wild may have been developer consoles(seen above), for which Microsoft manufactured a charcoal-gray case in order to distinguish between consumer versions of the console. Smarthouse today leaked the above photo which was taken at an official Microsoft event in Seattle.

Another announcement, this time from 360monster.com, claims that a source from the UK-based GAME stores group has confirmed a black version of the console. Again, there’s no official confirmation, but with all the rumors, peculiar sightings and non-disconfirmations floating around, it’s hard to imagine that a black Xbox 360 won’t hit shelves eventually, if not by the end of the year.

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