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by Mike Zazaian September 25, 2006 - 7:53am, 2 Comments

A questionably legit Xbox 360 in black

Rumors of a black Xbox 360 have been stirred up by a mysterious image floating around the internet. But even if its a fake, should a black version of the console be on Microsoft’s roadmap?

While Microsoft has gone for a clean, white image to contrast the boxy, black Xbox of yesteryear, a black version of the Xbox 360 may be in sight. The above image was found floating around the internet yesterday, apparently displaying a black version of the Xbox 360. And while the image quality isn’t very good, and the ad doesn’t even suggest it’s an Xbox 360, should we be expecting a sleek black offering for the holiday season?

In addition to the image, which could very well be bogus, online pundits have claimed that a black Xbox 360 has popped up in a Best Buy magazine ad as well. Gamer forums especially seem to be abuzz with news of a new version of the console, but without any verification from either Microsoft or Best Buy, this is all speculation.

Xbox 360 in white

But if the image is doctored, would Microsoft necessarily be tarnishing its clean, white Xbox 360 image by releasing it in black? Competitor Sony, whose Playstation 3 will hit shelves late in November, will be released in white, black and silver versions. One of Sony’s intentions with the multiple coloring schemes is to make the unit more entertainment-center friendly, a scene in which the Xbox 360 currently sticks out like a sore thumb.

Sony's Playstation 3 in silverWhile Microsoft has done a good job of branding it’s Xbox 360 as new and different from the old, black first-gen version of the console, a move to black after a year on the market might make the console more viable as a media-center add-on rather than simply a means by which to game. Microsoft and other peripheral companies have already released a slew of colorful, if not tasteless, face plates for the Xbox 360, so it’s likely not the pristine whiteness of the console that would keep Microsoft from bringing a black version to market. In fact, despite the Best Buy ad’s lack of credentials, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t expect a black Xbox 360 this holiday season. It would, after all, look good along side release announcements for the Zune’s pricing and availability.

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