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by Ben Piper September 28, 2006 - 10:06am, No Comments

The Jumpcut website

Yahoo announced their plans to buy Jumpcut today, a social video sharing site that allows users to edit their video or remix others’ without leaving their browser window.

In an effort to keep pace with increasingly popular web sites like Youtube, Google Video, and MetCafe, Yahoo is buying Jumpcut, which makes editing digital video possible without a program like Final Cut or IMovie. Yahoo’s plans are likely to integrate Jumpcut’s editing and re-mixing capabilities with their already existing Yahoo Video.

This message appeared on the Jumpcut blog yesterday:

We have worked hard to pioneer great online video editing technology that can truly enhance the online video world by enabling anyone to become a creator. Joining forces with Yahoo! Video will provide the resources to bring Jumpcut users and our partners more great social media experiences. As part of Yahoo! we’ll be working on bringing video editing and remixing to everyone with an Internet connection.

It will be interesting to see how Jumpcut fits into the online video sharing community, considering a number of sites have a substantial head start. Time will tell if the editing/re-mixing feature of the sight will be enough to boost it to the ranks of Youtube and Google Video.